This year’s six programs aim at demonstrating the diverse range of possibilities offered by dance film/video collaborations and to introduce Russian audiences to some of the different directions the hybrid genre of dance film navigate as well as at allowing a glimpse into the creative process of making dance films.

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Program I: Artist in Person: Victoria Marks
Monday, March 24, 2003

Victoria Marks creates dances for the stage, for film, in community settings, and for professional dancers. Her work magnifies and develops the unique characters of the people she works with - and communicates that, through performance, to a wider audience. Victoria is an associate professor of choreography in the Department of World Arts and Cultures at UCLA where she has been teaching since 1995. Before taking her post at UCLA she lived in London, where for three and a half years she worked on her own choreographic projects and created a choreography program for London Contemporary Dance School. During her London residency and later on in the States, she collaborated with Margaret Williams, a British filmmaker. Trained as a painter, Margaret Williams started her film career as an animator for Hanna Barbera in Hollywood. She returned to London and, after two years at the BBC, started her own production company in 1975 and has been directing and producing ever since. Her work is characterized by use of humor, a strong sense of composition and visual flair and innovation. Some of her most respected and internationally successful films have been 'creations for the camera' - collaborations between Margaret as film director with a composer, choreographer or writer.

Together, Victoria Marks and Margaret Williams created three dance films. Those works are among the most awarded dance films in the world. "Outside In", for example, has been shown on major television networks throughout the world and won Prague d'Or, National Film Board of Canada Creativity Award, the Screen Choreography Award at IMZ Dance Screen and Grand Prix at festivals in New York and Bulgaria.

Margaret and I therefore set out to undo the conventions of theatrical space and real space, and to create a magical one. – Victoria Marks

One of the most liberating things for a choreographer working on film or video is that they don't have to get people on and off stage. One of the most liberating things for a filmmaker is not having to worry about the text. – Margaret Williams

“Outside In” by Victoria Marks and Margaret Williams, 13min, 1994

Made for the CandoCo, a British company of able bodied and disabled dancers, the film is "an unusual journey along tracks and pathways both real and imaginary." It is a witty and affectionate exploration of physicality, identity and movement that transforms our understanding of dance.


"Mothers and Daughters" by Victoria Marks and Margaret Williams, 8min, 1994

This film examines the potency and sensuality of the relationship between mother and daughter. Working with 12 pairs of mothers and daughters, many of whom had never performed before, the film looks at the unique and the universal from a micro and macro perspective.



“Men” by Victoria Marks and Margaret Williams, 20min, 1997

"Men", a 20-minute dance made for the camera, is performed by 7 elderly men living in Canmore, Alberta. The men, who have never performed before are retired from careers as miners, teachers, accountants and law. The theme of the piece is mortality where the ephemerality of human lives is set against the permanence of the Canadian Rockies. This piece is a living requiem, a celebration of lives well lived.


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