The 7th edition of St. Petersburg International Dance Film Festival "KINODANCE" will take place in
St. Petersburg (Russia) – November 25 - December 2, 2011

The KINODANCE Festival's organizers are Dance House "Kannon Dance", Pro Arte Foundation, and Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art ERARTA.

The festival is made possible with support from
St. Petersburg Committee of Culture, Goethe German Cultural Center in St. Peterburg,

French Institute in St. Petersburg.

"The best way to describe the film selection of the KINODANCE 2011 is moving andeccentric. It is eccentric because of its diversity. The programs include baroque dance with Béatrice Massin; dance films from Finland including the classic avant-garde gem from the 1960s "KOTKA"/The Eagle (curated by Hanna Pajala-Assefa, the Artistic Director of the Loikka Dance Film Festival in Helsinki); an observational portrait of life behind the scenes of the Paris Opera with Frederick Wiseman - one of the living legendary documentary filmmakers today; a collaboration between Russian modern dancers Alissa Panchenko and Valentin Tszin with an extravagant duo – French director Pat Marcel and Swiss artist and filmmaker TK Kim; and finally, two international dance film premieres by Dutch dance filmmaker Clara van Gool and by the Swedish choreographer Pontus Lidberg. This year's program is moving because it creates a space for us to remember and pay tribute to choreographers who are not with us anymore: Pina Bausch, Jerome Robbins, and Nikolai Ogryzkov. The festival celebrates their legacy and their spirit. Each program is unique and hopefully, each will be inspiring to you in a different way. I would like to thank the great team that has worked on making the festival happen this year. I am truly grateful for all their dedication. And finally, I shall share that due to the birth of my son Sasha, I will not be able to be with you this year in person, but I will be there in spirit! Cheers!" – Alla Kovgan, festival curator and international director of KINODANCE festival

" KINODANCE festival was born out of our strong belief in to the power of the art of choreography and contemporary dance which now feature prominently among the contemporary art forms of our city - St. Petersburg. When the dance film program was first included into the framework of the OPEN LOOK contemporary dance festival, it was considered to be just an additional opportunity to introduce the world of contemporary dance to the audience. Although, gradually KINODANCE gained the position of a self-sufficient, versatile and experimental happening. We have done our best to show not only the films known as masterpieces in the world of cinema, but also controversial works – on the border of art-house and experimental films. And it seems to us, that without this combination KINODANCE would have not been as vital and up-to-date. It raises questions, makes the audience ponder and look for solutions…

KINODANCE festival has an enormous potential, but we would have not had a chance to realize it without the support of the government, cultural organizations and our partners! On behalf of the KINODANCE's Organizing Committee, I would like to say thank you to everyone who shares our passion for art, choreography and cinema. I would like to particularly thank the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg who has been supporting the festival for many years. For the 6th year, we are partnering with Pro Arte Foundation who has been our devoted supporter in bringing KINODANCE programs to our spectators. We would like to express our special gratitude to the Goethe Cultural Centre in St. Petersburg, the French Institute in St. Petersburg, Contemporary Art Museum and Galleries ERARTA, company “Tour de Film" for the long-term assistance in organizing this festival. It is also my pleasure to express special appreciation to my visionary partner, curator and International Director of the festival Alla Kovgan as well as to my colleagues and assistants for their dedication and invaluable contribution in organizing the 7th edition of the KINODANCE festival." - Vadim Kasparov, Director of Dance House “Kannon Dance”

"Pro Arte Foundation has been KINODANCE partner for nearly 10 years. We have provided our facilities to hold workshops and video installations, professional competitions, discussions and film screenings. This is one of our favorite projects as it unites artists from different disciplines: choreographers, dancers, directors and video artists. KINODANCE's motto - MOVEMENT + IMAGE – lets the festival introduce various trends of contemporary art and expands audience's horizons far beyond an ordinary presentation of dance films. As far as I am concenred, KINODANCE proves that in the XXI century, the most exciting happenings are at crossroads of different art forms. Good luck to all the participants of the festival!" - Elena Kolovskaya, Director, Pro Art Foundation

The festival partners are Dance Films Association (USA), Digital Arts Foundation (USA),
Loikka Dance Film Festival (Finland), and PBS American Masters (USA).

Please visit our archive for the information about the past editions of the festival. Visit our Russian dance films selection to arrange screenings and exhibitions, contact Alla Kovgan at

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