The 6th edition of St. Petersburg International Dance Film Festival "KINODANCE"
St. Petersburg (Russia) – November 26-27, 2008 and April 7-18, 2009 and in Yerevan (Armenia), December 1-13 2008.The KINODANCE Festival Partners are Kannon Dance Center, ProArte Institute, French Institute in St. Petersburg, and Cinema Center RODINA.

The festival is made possible with support from
St. Petersburg Committee of Culture, State Museum of History of St. Petersburg, General Consulate of France, Trust for Mutual Understanding, Dance Films Association, Digital Arts Foundation, Swedish Film Institute, Clermont-Ferrand Festival, iClub, Lobster Films, SINKOPA Store, and Company Tour de Film.

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Festival Overview 2009

Program P01: "Point A-B" Instllation Opening with Paul Kaiser and Marc Downie

Program R01: Choreography in Silent Cinema with Dziga Vertov (Russia) and Alloy Orchestra (USA)

A Man with a Movie Camera (68 min, 1929, USSR)
dir. Dziga Vertov

TRT: 68 min

Program R02: Choreography in Silent Cinema with Bastor Keaton
and Alloy Orchestra (USA)

The General (79 min, 1927, USA)
dir. Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman

TRT: 79 min

Program R03: Choreographer¹s Corner ­ Alain Platel (Belgium)

VSPRS Show and Tell (72 min, 2006, UK)
dir. Sophie Fiennes

TRT: 72 min

Program R04: Choreographer¹s Corner ­ Pina Bausch (Germany)

One day Pina asked me (57 min, 1983, France)
dir. Chantal Akerman

TRT: 57min

Program R05: An evening with Dominique Delouche (in person)

Forgotten Diaries of Nina Vyroubova (95 minutes, 1996, France)
dir: Dominique Delouche

TRT: 120 min

Program R06: Retrospective of Dance Film from France: "A MAN WHO DANCES"

Kaspar Konzert (25min, 2001, France)
dir.: Sylvie Blum and François Verret
chor.: François Verret

A man who dances (59 minutes, 2004, France)
dir: Rosita Boisseau and Valérie Urréa
choreographers featured:
C. Bourigault, D. Chamblas, A. Preljocaj, M. Tompkins, A. Buffard, F. Ruckert, K. Belarbi, J. Nadj, F. Verret, P. Decouflé

TRT: 84 min

Program R07: Retrospective of Dance Films from France: Josef Nadj

"Joseph Nadj, the last paysage" (51 minutes, 2006, France)
dir: Josef Nadj

"Paso doble" (41 minutes, 2006, France)
dir: Agusti Torres
chor. Josef Nadj and Miquel Barcelo

TRT: 92 min

Program R08: Choreographing Cinema: inspirations for makers and lovers of dance film genre with introduction from Calmin Borel, one of the curators of the Labo Competition at the Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (France), the largest short film festival in the world.

Coagulate (6min, 2008, France)
dir. Mihai Grecu

L¹Arbitro (15min, 2008, Italy)
dir. Paolo Zucca

The Girl Chewing Gum (12min, 1976, UK)
dir. John Smith

Sweden (8min, 2000, Sweden)
dir. Johannes Stjœrne Nilsson and Ola Simonsson

Music for One Apartment and Six Drums (10min, 2001, Sweden)
dir. Johannes Stjœrne Nilsson and Ola Simonsson

Next Floor (11.5min, 2008, Canada)
dir. Denis Villeneuve

Superbia (15min, 1986, Germany)
dir. Ulrike Ottinger

Muro (18min, 2008, Brazil)
dir. Tião

TRT: 96 min

Program PA2: Choreographing Digital Canvas with Paul Kaiser and Marc Downie (USA)

TRT: 120 min

Retrospective of Dance Films from France: seven-hour maraphon of films created by renown French choreoraphers and directors.

Program FR1: Retrospective of Dance Films from France: Shorts

One Flat Thing Reproduced (26min, 2006, France)
Director: Thierry De Mey
Choreographer: William Forsythe

Skull* cult (24min, 2002, France)
dir. Christophe Bargues
chor. Christian Rizzo, perf. Rachid Ouramdane

Pavillion Noir (24min, 2006, France)
dir. Pierre Coulibeuf
chor. Anjelin Preljocaj

Uzes Quintet (26 min, 2003, France)
dir. Catherine Maximoff;
chor. Javier de Frutos, Emanuel Gat, Kitt Johnson, Peeping Tom, Nathalie Pernette et Andreas Schmid

TRT: 98 min

Program FR2: Retrospective of Dance Films from France: Alain Platel

Les Ballets de-ci de-là (110min, 2006, Belgium/Flanders/France)
dir. Alain Platel

TRT: 110 min

Program R09: Dance Choreographer - Film Director in Focus : New works from Jirí Kylián and Wim Vandekeybus

Car-Men (28min, 2007, Netherlands)
dir. Boris Paval Conen and Jirí Kylián
chor: Jirí Kylián

Here After (65min, 2007, Belgium)
dir. /chor. Wim Vandekeybus

TRT: 73 min

Program R10: Tandem: Two Women ­ Two Stories from Zimbabwe

Mother's Day (30min, 2004, Zimbabwe)
dir. Tsitsi Dangarembga

Nora (35min, 2008, US/UK/Mozambique)
dir. Alla Kovgan and David Hinton
chor. Nora Chipaumire

TRT: 65 min

Program R11: Dancer¹s Corner ­ Jock Soto

Water Flowing Together (77 min, 2007, USA)
dir. Gwendolen Cates

Program R12: Together: director+choreographer ­ New directions in dance film 2006-2008

Cartography 9 ­ Golden Ball (12min, 2008, Switzerland)
chor. Phillippe Saire
dir. Bruno Deville

Danse Macabre (8min, 2008, Canada)
concept: Robert Lepage, original idea: AnneBruce Falconer
dir. Pedro Pires

Part-Time Heroes (33 minutes, 2007, Austria)
dir: Mara Mattuschka
chor: Chris Haring

Bare-Handed (28 minutes, 2006, Belgium)
dir: Thierry Knauff
chor: Michèle Noiret

Program R13: POP Culture: Shorts, Musicals, Eros, and Music Videos

Flying Lesson (4 min, 2008, USA)
dir. Andrea Lerner and Rosanne Chamecki

Silence of the Machines (9min, 2007, France)
dir. Kostia Testut and Paul Caroli

Insyn (Insight) (15min, 2007, Denmark)
dir. Klara Elenius

LILA (13min, 2008, France)
dir. Broadcast Club/ Nicolas Schmerkin

Aprop (Closer) (6.5min, 2007, Spain)
dir. Aitor Echeverria
chor. Carolina Alejos

Boot Camp (6min, 1996, USA)
dir. John Scott Mathews

Shake-off (9min, 2006, Netherlands)
dir./chor. Hans Beenhakker

Orgesticulanismus (9min, 2008, Belgium)
dir. Mathieu Labaye

Muto (6min, 2008, Italy) ­ winner of the Clermont-Ferrand Festival (³Labo² Competition)
dir. Blu

Tout Morose (Very Cold) (5min, 1997, France)
dir. Olivier Megaton
chor. Dominique Hervieu

Feist "1,2,3,4" (3min, 2007, USA)
dir. Patrick Daughters
chor. Noemie Lafrance

Heartbeat (15min, 2004, Sweden)
dir. Martin Lima de Faria and Anette Skahlberg

Program R14: Festival Closing, Dance Film Competition Awards. ENCORES From KINODANCE Collection 2001-2009

The 5th St. Petersburg International Film Festival "KINODANCE" (October - November 2006)

The 5th International Dance Film Festival KINODANCE festival is made possible with support from Trust for Mutual Understanding, British Council, Kannon Dance Center, ProArte Institute, DOM KINO, City of St. Petersburg, Dance Films Association, American Masters, TTV Festival (Italy) Central Partnership, American Consulate in St. Petersburg, Action Now!, Afisha, Moscow Dance Agency TSEKH and Aktoviy Zal, Center for Contemporary Art in Ekaterinburg .

Festival 2006 Overview

Program 1: 20 years of collaboration Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie
Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie: Opening Installation
Program 2: Dance Film Artist in Focus: David Hinton (in person)
Program 3: Dance Film Artist in Focus: David Hinton (in person)
Programs 4: Dance Legend: Merce Cunningham "Lifetime of Dance" by
Charles Atlas (in person)
Programs 5: Dance Film Artist in Focus: Charles Atlas (in person)
Program 6: Beyond the Stage: "RIZE!" by David LaChapelle
Program 7: Dance Film History: Gene Kelly
Program 8: Performance Art in Motion: Marina Abramovic
Program 8: Performance Art in Motion: Meredith Monk
Program 9: From the Festivals Around the World I
Program 10: From the Festivals Around the World II
Program 11: American Avant-Garde Cinema and Dance Film: Ed Emshwiller
Program 12: All time Dance Film Favorites
Program 13: Film as a Plastic Art: From Animation to Video Art
Program 14: Choreography: Music Video/Video Music

Festival Closing, Dance Film Competition Awards, Student Projects created during David Hinton's workshop

The 4th St. Petersburg International Film Festival "KINODANCE" (November 2004)

The 4th St. Petersburg International Dance Film Festival KINODANCE took place in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Ekaterinburg between November 10- November 29, 2004. The Kannon Dance School is the main host of the festival which is made possible by the support from Trust for Mutual Understanding (USA), ProArte Institute (St. Petersburg), Dance Films Association (USA), The Cultural Center DOM (Moscow), Museum of Cinema (Moscow), Ekaterinburg Contemporary Art Center, Northampton Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, to whom we are eternally grateful.

Festival 2004 Overview
Festival Gala Opening: Some of the Best Dance Films Shorts within the recent years
Program I: Dance Film Magicians: Guy Maddin
Program II: Dance History: Ballets Russes
Program III: Dance Film Choreographer in Focus: Édouard Lock
Program IV: Dance History: Lester Horton (1906-1953)
Program V, Part 1: Dance History: Modern Dance during the Nazi Era
Program V, Part 2: Pina Bausch in 2002
Program VI: Beyond the Stage: "Dances of Ecstasy"
Program VII, Part 2: Dance Form in Focus: BUTOH: "A Summer Storm by Hijikata Tatsumi"
Program VII, Part 1: Dance Form in Focus: BUTOH presented by Daniele Wilmouth
Program VIII: Nordic Winds Part I: Moving North – 10 films from Nordic Countries
Program VIII: Nordic Winds Part II: Swedish Dance Film Retrospective 1981-2003
Kinetica: Motion in film and dance
Program IX: Phantasmagoria from Eastern Europe
Program X: From the Festivals around the world
Program XI: Common Ground: Between the Lines of Sport, Kinetics, Surrealism and Music Video
Russian Dance Films Selection 2004
Festival Closing Program: Boris Barnet "Dom na Trubnoi" with live peformance of original score by Alexei Aigui and ensemble 4:33

“Dance Film in Eastern Europe” TanzMediale in Köln, Germany January 23-25 , 2004

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TanzMediale CONCEPT:

"For quite some time, theater/stage has no longer been the only place to explore dance on the physical and representational level. With the development of “new media”, new stages and new forms of “physical representation“ have emerged and led to new forms of perception. The new media-theatrical forms and their “treatment” have created new concepts and styles.

Videoclips, performance, advertising: “Dance“ is omnipresent in everyday life and traditional dance theater appears almost like a faint echo. Classical references or systems of reference in the art of dance are increasingly disappearing. Is dance still perceived as dance? Or are new representations of movement conveying other aesthetic forms? Can these still be considered dance?

TanzMediale Vol. 1 presents a selection of international examples of how dance or movement is presented in the new media and explores the significance of the dance-media debate in the contemporary art and cultural scene, continuing the SK Stiftung Kultur’s ongoing exploration of media-forms that focus on interdisciplinary collaborations of such diverse genres as (stage) dance, video dance, film/video, new media, music, which by transcending their traditional limitations create new forms and contents."

- Birgit Hauska, SK Stiftung Kultur Köln (Culture Foundation of the Commercial and Savings Bank Cologne

The 3rd St. Petersburg International Film Festival "KINODANCE" (March - April 2003)

The 3rd St. Petersburg International Film Festival "KINODANCE" took places between: March 21-March 30, 2003 in ProArte Institute and Kannon Dance School in St. Petersburg and at the Museum of Cinema in Moscow on April 1-3, 2003.

The third edition of the festival was made possible with the support from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, ProArte Institute , Dance Films Association (New York City), Film Society of Lincoln Center (New York). Among the previous years cotributors are Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) and American Consultate in St. Petersburg.

The festival presented an exciting mix of programs featuring dance film/video works from around the world – the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Nigeria, Austria, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, and Slovenia. The programs are curated by Alla Kovgan, a Russian born filmmaker and curator currently living in the United States, and Deirdre Towers, director of the Dance Films Association in New York City.

The festival also included a videodance master class with Alla Kovgan and Victoria Marks, Los Angeles-based choreographer who has gained a world-wide reputation in the dance film world for her collaborations with the British Filmmaker Margaret Williams. In one of the festival programs, Victoria Marks was in person to discuss her creative endeavors.

Among the master class participants were modern dance companies from Kemerovo, Kaliningrad, Moscow and St. Petersburg who also presented two evenings of their choreographic creations.

"Welcome and About the programs" by Alla Kovgan
Schedule 2003
Program I 
 Program II
 Program III
Program IV
Program V
Program VI
"Mining the unconscious" by Deirdrre Towers
"Dance Film in Russia: Unfolding the history and moving forward…" by Alla Kovgan

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