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Program 14: Choreography: Music Video

Futureshock “Late at Night” (3.5min, 2003, Japan/UK)
Director: Ne-O

We encounter the twilight zone of nightshift workers, security guards, and bizarre late-night people, who all seem to have contracted some crazy body-popping dance.- NE-O

NE-O (started in 2002 by Jake Knight and Ryoko Tanaka) uses a new format of motion-image for commercials, music videos and short films blending live-action, animation and graphics. Their work often focuses on dark humor and spatial-temporal visual tricks. NE-O’s commercial credits include: Sony Ericsson, Diesel, Radio1 and the most popular award-winning VW Golf ad ‘Singing in the Rain’ features Gene Kelly breakdancing.

Chemical Brothers “Galvanize” (4min, 2004, UK)
Director: Adam Smith
Choreographer: Aakomon Jones

photo by Adam Smith
Adam Smith recasts a timeless tale of rebellion in clown makeup. A trio of young dance enthusiasts creeps past sleeping parents and out onto the dance floor for an aggression-laced krumping session. - RESFEST

Unkle “Rabbit in Your Headlights” (5min, 1988, UK)
Director: Jonathan Glazer

photo by Jonathan Glazer
The cars are choreographed to continuously kill the man in the underpass. Chilling!

Jonathan Glazer is a music video and commercial icon whose extraordinary work reveals his gift for intense visual ambition. His commercials for the likes of Stella Artois, Guinness, Levis, Barclays Bank and Volkswagen have turned adverts into high art perhaps best reflected in his Guinness ad Surfer-included on his DVD in a new extended version-being recently voted best ad of all time by the British Public. His music videos which include UNKLE, Radiohead, Jamiroquai, Blur and Massive Attack have further showcased his ability to contort reality into baffling and ingenious new perspectives.

Björk “It's Oh So Quiet” (3.5min, 1995, USA)
Director: Spike Jonze

“It's Oh So Quiet” : Inspired by Busby Berkeley song-and-dance numbers and “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” by Jacques Demy, this clip is a joyous homage to Hollywood's Technicolor musicals. – Slant Magazine

Known to Russian audiences by the black comedy “Being John Malkovich” (1999) and the film “Adaptation”, Spike Jonze is an Academy-Award nominated director but also a true film choreographer whose choreographic genius manifests in numerous music and skate videos that he has been creating since 1992.

“Montovedioaki” (5min, 2005, Spain/Japan/Uruguay)
Director: Octavio Iturbe
Choreograher: Hiroaki Umeda

photo by Octavio Iturbe
Filmed against cityline of Montevideo (Uruguay), Umeda’s fluid movements clash with urban landscape. The piece is based on Umeda’s solo for the stage "While Going To a Condition". Octavio Iturbe, a Spain-based director and editor, is particularly known to the world audiences by his collaboration with a Belgian choreographer Wim Vandekeybus on the film “Roseland”.

Chemical Brothers “The Boxer” (3.5min, 2005, UK)
Director: Ne-O

“The Boxer”: Basketball goes wild to the music of the Chemical Brothers in Budapest. – NE-O

NE-O (see above)

Carpark North “Human” (2.5min, 2005, Denmark)
Director: Martin de Thurah

photo by Octavio Iturbe
Gorgeously photographed, this video depicts the poignant emotions of the pre-pubescent. Styled beyond their years and alternately dancing and performing more impossible moves, a group of children convey both fragility and strength. – RESFEST

Martin de Thurah’s work includes painting, animation, art design, photography as well as film and video making. He has received many awards for both his art design, visual effect design, music videos from such competitions as Danish Music Awards, MTV Awards and others. He explores new media formats such as interactive CD-roms and installations.

Chemical Brothers “Get Yourself High” (5min, 2003, USA)
Director: Joseph Khan, featuring K-OS

An old kung-fu flick is masterfully re-choreographed into a rap dance.

Throughout his career, entirely self-taught, Joseph Khan, a Korean American filmmaker, traveled from skateboarding and hip hop videos to MTV award-winning clips and feature films. In music video world, he has worked with diverse artists such as: U2, The Chemical Brothers. George Michael and many more.

Wax “California” (3min, 1995, USA)
Director: Spike Jonze

photo by Spike Jonze
A mesmerizing long take observes a man running on fire through a city street.

Spike Jonze (see above).

“Exile” (3.5min, 2003, Mexico)
Director: Mariana Arteaga

A Mexican choreographer turned into filmmaker, Mariana Arteaga explores the relationship of the body and the environment. A woman alone on a chair, moved by the wind and a surprise visitor.

El Presedente “100mph” (3.5min, 2005, UK)
Director: Rupert Jones

The filmmaker splits the screen into multiple parts, fills each part with shots of the musicians playing different instruments and choreographs a multi-screen dance.

Trained as a visual artist in Scotland, Rupert Jones is also a composer, writer and film director. His work spans from soap operas and children TV series to feature films and music videos. His music video credits include bands as various as The Streets, Charlotte Church, Starsailor, Gomez, Sophie Ellis Bextor and others.

Chemical Brothers “Let Forever Be” (3.45min, 2005, USA)
Director: Michel Gondry

photo by Michel Gondry
A dream sequence of a young woman turns into a digital Busby Berkley homage morphing seven identical dancers among each other and with environments they encounter.

Among inspiring works of the French film artist Michel Gondry are award-winning short films, music videos, commercials, two features... The style of his videos caught the attention of music artist Bjork, who asked him to direct the video for her song "Human Behavior". The collaboration proved long-lasting, with Gondry directing a total of six music videos for Bjork. Other artists who have collaborated with Gondry on more than one occasion include The White Stripes, The Chemical Brothers and Beck. Gondry has also created numerous television commercials. He pioneered the "bullet time” techniques used in “The Matrix”, notably in his "Like A Rolling Stone" video for the Rolling Stones and a 1998 commercial for Smirnoff vodka, as well as directing a trio of inventive holiday-themed commercials for the Gap.

The Pharcyde “Drop” (3.5min, 1996, USA)
Director: Spike Jonze

“Drop”: Another divergence from established video formula, Jonze wisely avoided the clichés that at this point were endemic in hip-hop visuals. Instead, the group performed the video’s actions entirely in reverse, even saying the lyrics backwards so when the video was played forward, they and their mouths move forward while their surroundings move in reverse. - RESFEST

Spike Jonze (see above).

Bjork “All is full of love” (5min, 2000, UK)
Director: Chris Cunningham

photo by Chris Cunningham

“All is Full of Love”: two Björk looking robots perform anelegant and delicate dance of love. Each robot was designed by Cunningham, faces reminiscent of Björk's features. Best Short Form Music Video 2000 – Grammy Award.

Leftfield “Africa Shox” (4.5min, 1999, UK)
Director: Chris Cunningham

photo by Chris Cunningham
“Africa Shox”: The opening shot is set against one of the former World Trade Center towers in New York as if hiding in the fog in the background. Afrika Bambaataa chanting "The world is on fire / It'll take you higher." An African man runs through the city streets loosing parts of his body. A sense of true apocalypse. Disturbing!

Squarepusher “Come on My Selector” (7.5min, 1998, UK)
Director: Chris Cunningham

photo by Chris Cunningham
“Come on My Selector”: Tightly and brilliantly edited by Cunningham himself, this piece choreographs a story of a girl, a dog and two guards in the rooms and hallways of the Japanese mental hospital. Best video of the year 1998-1999.

Chris Cunningham's directorial work is well known in the worlds of music video, commercial, and video art. He first achieved notoriety in 1997 with the horrific and comic clip for Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin. After finishing 19 music videos that brought the artist numerous Grammy, MTV and other awards, Chris Cunningham turned to making short films. His most recent film “Rubber Johnny” came out in 2005.

Yuki “Sentimental Journey” (6min, 2003, Japan)
Director: Nagi Noda

photo by Nagi Noda
In the spirit of Eadweard Muybridge (1830–1904), a brilliant and eccentric photographer, gained worldwide fame photographing animal and human movement imperceptible to the human eye, this music video is a stop-motion piece that choreographs freeze-frames in motion of 100 YUKI-looking people.

Born in Tokyo in 1973, Nagi Noda is an award-winning film/music videos/commercials director and art designer. She won an award at the Annual International Design Competition (in Tokyo) for “Sentimental Journey” in 2003. Her major past projects include NIKE, Laforet Harajuku, and YUKI's music videos such as "Stand Up! Sister" and "A Humming Bird".

“Theatre of Speed vs BOZ’n’HOK” (3.5min, 2004, Australia)
Director: Rhian Hinkley Choreographer: Back To Back Theatre

A true collaboration of seven choreographers, three sound designers, one support worker, one costume designer, one inflatable set builder, one admin and the team of 16 performers, this music video set out to put a new take on the music video genre. Elements of booty, bling, kung fu, air guitar and almost every dance form known – all went into the mix.

Back To Back Theatre is a pioneering contemporary theatre company based in Geelong,Australia with a full-time ensemble of five actors considered to have an intellectual disability. Formed in 1987, Back to Back has created over 27 original works for theatre and eight short films. By producing world-class theatre for national and international audiences, the company acts as a high profile advocate for people with disabilities.

Phoenix Foundation “Hitchcock” (3.5min, 2005, New Zealand)
Director: Reuben Sutherland

Electric cars may be the future, but certain shadowy organizations would prefer to keep gas guzzlers on the road. The two modes of transportation go head to head in a choreographed piece of calculated road rage. – RESFEST

Besides the award-winning music videos, Reuben Sutherland is also a founder member of EBB, a 3-piece dance act from Wellington (New Zealand) renowned for their extravagant live shows – a multi-sensory experience, incorporating self made video material, stage sets and sounds.

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