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Festival Closing Program (St. Petersburg):

Boris Barnet "Dom na Trubnoi"
with live peformance of original score by Alexei Aigui and ensemble 4:33
St. Petersburg Premiere!!!
Friday, November 19, 2004, 19:00, St. Petersburg
Location: Stants'ia


Aleksei Aigui ( is one of the first Russian composers who began to experiment with composing soundscores for the masterpieces of silent cinema. He was the first who attmpted to write and perform the entire soundtrack for the legendary film “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang. Later on, Aigui began to work with the Russian silent cinema considering its abundance of wonderful and rarely screened works. Among them is “House on Trubnaya place” by Boris Barnet (1928). Bordering between propaganda and comics, this film is full of formalist findings. These findings make “House on Trubnaya place ” withstand the times and stay contemporary to our days. It is truly an avant-garde work of art. Russian Television Channel ORT commissioned Aleksei Aigui to create a soundtrack for this film. Aigui wrote an original score, released a video version of the film and has been touring with it in Europe, however, never in St. Petersburg. KINODANCE is honored to welcome Alexei Aigui and his ensemble 4:33 in St. Petersburg for the closing evening of the festival.