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Program VIII: Nordic Winds Part II: Moving North – 10 films from Nordic Countries

Program VIII: Nordic Winds Part III: Swedish Dance Film Retrospective 1981-2003

Program VIII: Nordic Winds Part II: Moving North – 10 dance films from Nordic Countries

From martial arts dance to classical dance, from ethnic dance to animated dance, from everyday dance to trance and ecstasy dance, from humorous dance to thoughtful dance! These are some of the varied, imaginative and unpredictable experiences awaiting audiences in the series "Moving North - 10 Short Dance Films" ( Moving North – 10 Short Dance Films is a unique Nordic project which aims to combine the talents of Nordic choreographers and film makers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. They have explored movement and space through the camera’s viewfinder and created 10 original dance films each of a length of 5 minutes and specially made for the moving images.

The idea and concept for Moving North came from Vibeke Vogel at BAROK and Magne Antonsen at The Norwegian Center for the Art of Dance in Oslo who have headed the project since its inception. They put together an international selection committee headed by the renown British filmmaker Margaret Williams (known to the Russian audiences for her collaborations with Victoria Marks whom Kinodance hosted in 2003). The committee received 120 applications to the project. 20 of those were selected for further development. During spring 2003 the committee and the five national film producers selected 10 of the developed projects for final production. Each of the 10 x 5’ films are made by Nordic directors and choreographers, who respond to the challenge of making dance and movements in strikingly different ways.

The official World Premiere of Moving North took place at Park Bio, Copenhagen on 25 April 2003.

Burst 5min, 2003, Iceland
Director: Reynir Lyngdal
Choreographer: Katrin Hall

Photo by Reynir Lyngdal
A couple fights in their bedroom over a burst water pipe. Techniques involving water tank explosions and trampolines. References: martial arts and cartoon strips.

Born in 1976, Reynir Lyngdal has directed several short films, commercials and music videos. He co-directed and produced the award winning dance film SLURP-INN (1997). He is currently working for Pegasus Pictures.

Born 1964, Katrin Hall studied at the National Theatre Ballet School of Iceland. She has been the Artistic Director of the Iceland Dance Company since 1996.

While the cat's away 5min, 2003, Iceland
Director/Choreographer: Helena Jónsdóttir and Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir

Photo by Helena Jónsdóttir
When a young pedantic daughter is at work, her elderly mother transforms into a wild dancer, using their overfilled flat as a stage. A heart-warming comedy about prejudice, self-respect and dreams fulfilled.

Born in 1968 in Iceland, Helena Jónsdóttir studied at the National Theatre Ballet School of Iceland, with additional studies at Alvin Ailey, New York and The Ballet School of Yorkshire. She has performed in and choreographed hundreds of productions for the stage, television, film and music videos, including the dance film Breaking voices (2002). She is currently in the production of Zimmer that was selected as prize winner of the 4th German Video Dance Production Award 2003/2004.

Born in 1976 in Iceland, Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir graduated in drama from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts. She has written, directed and starred in a one-woman show Normal female? Her directorial debut was the feature film Reykjavik guesthouse - rent a bike (2002) followed by the documentary Off beat (2002).

Vertebra - how a thought becomes a movement 5min, 2003, Finland
Director: Milla Moilanen
Choreographer: Alpo Aaltokoski

Photo by Milla Moilanen
Dancefilm/animation that studies the movement, shape and rhythms of the human body using scientific materials.

Born in 1964 in Finland, Milla Moilanen combines photographs, graphic design, animation, dance and aesthetics of image manipulation and looks for subjects for her films in the same sources as documentary filmmakers. She often collaborates with dancers and choreographers.

Born in 1958 in Finland, Alpo Aaltokoski's work often studies the variety and cyclical nature of life, which includes Guardian of the night - Pilgrimage of the seven souls (1991 and new version 2001), Cycle (1998), Promises (2000) and Sahara (2002). Alpo also served as an artistic director of Täydenkuun tanssit (Full Moon Dance Festival) 1995-98.

Portrait 5min, 2003, Finland
Director: Saara Cantell
Choreographer: Paula Tuovinen

Photo by Saara Cantell
A married couple struggle in a portrait photographer’s studio. Tragicomic about facade and the harsh reality in a relationship.

Born in 1968 in Helsinki, Finland, Saara Cantell is a graduate of the University of Art and Design. She is a director of ten short fiction films. Her films has been awarded at the festivals around the world and her latest film Diagnosis participated in the Nordic Panorama competition 2002.

Born in1961 in Pyhäjoki, Finland, Paula Tuovinen studied at the University of Oulu. She is a chair of Zodiak – Center for New Dance 1997–2002. She has performed in and choreographed several productions for television and film, including A tale of shatters (1995).

The radioballet 5min, 2003, Norway
Director: Per-Ivar Jensen
Choreographer: Indra Lorentzen

Photo by Per-Ivar Jensen
An old couple is listening to the radio, in which the radioballet dances a fairytale. A Chinese-box-story about the love of dance and music.

Born in 1968, Tromsø, Norway, Per-Ivar Jensen is a director, actor and musician. He has previously directed several music videos and short films, including Hurra for mamma (2002) and the award winning dance film The rookie (2002).

Born in 1956, Indra Lorentzen is a choreographer, director, dancer, teacher. She graduated from The Norwegian Opera`s Ballet School, and became a member of The Norwegian National Ballet at the age of 16, appointed as the soloist 4 years later. Indra was also a Member of the Cullberg Ballet until 1983. In recent years she has been working as director and scriptwriter, with a special focus on theatre from Greenland.

To the House 5min, 2003, Norway
Director: Dag J. Haugerud, Kajsa Næss
Choreographer: Un-Magritt Nordseth

Photo by Dag J. Haugerud, Kajsa Næss
A girls grandfather dies the same day she turns 15. It’s time for a strange family gathering. The family personalities and the tensions between them are expressed through choreographed movements and dance seen through the girl's point of view.

Dag Johan Haugerud was born in 1964 in Norway. He is a director, writer and librarian. He has a Degree in Film and Theatre Science from the University in Oslo and the University in Stockholm. In 1996 he started to write and direct short films. He won the first price for Lust at the Norwegian Shortfilm Festival in 2001. He has also written for the theatre stage, and is currently writing on a feature film.

Kajsa Næss was born in 1970. She studied Animation at the University College in Volda and Film, Photography and Production at Oslo Film & TV Academy and Krogerup University College in Denmark. She co-founded the production company Mikrofilm AS in 1997. She has been working as director and animator on several short films, commercials and music videos, including the award winning film Skummelt.

Un-Magritt Nordseth was born 1961 in Norway. She has a degree from The Norwegian National College of Ballet and Dance. She also studied at The Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, New York. For ten years Nordseth co-managed the Scirocco Dance Company. She founded her own company for innovative dance Un-Magritt Nordseth Danseproduksjon in 1996.

Rewind 5min, 2003, Sweden
Director: Mårten Nilsson
Choreographer: Gunilla Hellborn

Photo by Mårten Nilsson
Exactly what happened that day, when Henry moved into his new house?
One house, eight dancers, one camera.

Born in 1962 in Sweden, Mårten Nilsson is a film director and cinematographer. He works within the genres of shorts, documentaries and features films including the short It's my job to be sensitive (2002). He has previously worked with Gunilla Heilborn on stage productions and on the dance film Prinsessorna (2000).
Gunilla Heilborn was born in 1964 in Sweden. She is a choreographer and performance artist. She graduated from the Swedish University of Dance with additional studies in dance and performance in New York and San Francisco. Since 1992 she has created many stage performances in Sweden which includes her recent solo performance Katarina the great (2002).

Thursday 5min, 2003, Sweden
Director/Choreographer: Minna Krook and Lisa Spets

Photo by Minna Krook and Lisa Spets
Two young women are possessed by dance and their daily chores get interrupted as "all we really want to do is dance". The film shows with humor when women´s surreal interpretation of reality meets the normal life around them. It is a film about the pleasure of combining your passion with your everyday life.

Lisa Spets was born in 1964 in Sweden. She graduated from the Swedish University of Dance. Tetrameter, shown at Gothenburg Film festival in 1997, was her first choreography for camera. Lisa is also Artistic Director for Zebra Dans/Stockholm, a venue with dance performances for children and youth audience.

 Minna Krook was born in 1964 in Finland. She graduated from the Swedish University of Dance. Rost, a dance film launched in 1997, is her first choreography for camera.

Regin Smi-ur - une danse ballade 5min, 2003, Denmark
Director: Katrin Ottarsdóttir
Choreographer: Hugin Eide

Photo by Katrin Ottarsdóttir
The chain dance is from 12th Century France and was once popular all over Western Europe. It has survived as a live tradition in the remote Faroe Islands only. This film provides subjective impression of the chain dance via intense and raw pictures, sound and editing. The film captures the spirit and joy of the dance that comes close to trance and ecstasy.

Katrin Ottarsdóttir was born in Faroe Islands. She graduated as a film director from the National Danish Film School, Copenhagen, 1982. She has directed several feature films and shorts, among them the award winning Bye Bye Bluebird and Atlantic Rhapsody.

5min, 2003, Denmark
Director/Choreographer: Ulrik Wivel

Photo by Ulrik Wivel
Four dancers - one room. This film is dance for the camera in a pure and subtle form. Two classical and two modern dancers perform in a rhythm created somewhere between movement, music, framing and editing.

Born in 1967 in Denmark, Ulrik Wivel is a classical dancer, educated at The Royal Danish Ballet. Until 1998, Ulrik performed in Denmark and at the National Ballet of Canada and New York City Ballet. He began his career in filmmaking 1998 and has previously directed the films Staceyann Chin - Poetry Slammer and Dancer featuring Nikolaj Hübbe.

Nordic Winds Part III: Swedish Dance Film Retrospective 1981-2003 curated by Anna-Karin Larsson (in person)

"The intention with this program is to show different perspectives on Swedish contemporary dance, and to show how expressions in dance change over time. Not every important Swedish choreographer is represented, the selection is made among dance films with a short format and particular filmic qualities. As the Swedish dance scene had a big boom in the eighties, an increased amount of dance films were produced in the following years. Today, when equipment is even cheaper and more available, I hope to see more experimental fusions in dance and film. The program contains films by Virpi Pahkinen, Cristina Caprioli, Anne Külper, Szyber/Reich and some bonus shots." – Anna-Karin Larsson, Curator

Anna-Karin Larsson works as a producer at Filmform Foundation Filmform is an archive and distributor of Swedish experimental film and video art which promotes experimental film and video art towards institutions in Sweden and abroad. Because of her background as a dancer, Anna-Karin Larsson runs a project where, if possible, all Swedish dance films will be collected in the archive - not documentations of staged performances - but dance choreographed especially for the eye of the camera. Larsson has worked as a dancer since 1986 with choreographers such as Anne Külper, Szyber/Reich, Virpi Pahkinen and Margaretha Åsberg, among others. Since 1996 she runs the performance group Nordic Dumplings together with Elisabet Karlsson. Educated at The Dance Academy, Stockholm and at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam.


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