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Friday, November 25, 2011, 19.00. Erarta
Program 01: Opening - Bridge between Cinema and Dance
With the support from the French Institute in St. Petersburg
Q&A with choreographers and directors

“Slidoscope”, live performance – plastic tragicomedy
(35 minutes, 2011, Russia)
chor.: Valentin Tszin, Alissa Panchenko, Evgenia Chetvertakova, Chrisina Morozova, Alexander Andreev, Uliana Egorova
design: Vladimir Ermachenkov, Evgenia Chetvertakova
music: Andrey Budnin

«As a rule, a few infectious flies emerge in the midst of the events around us – these flies interfere with the appreciation of those events. Poema Theatre decided to investigate the established reality around the two main characters of the story. Having gone through lots of life pitfalls reflected in the performance "The Hot Terrace" and the film "MOCT", Alissa and Valentin got interested in working out the main problem of their existence: how can one fight the flies? The tragedy of this situation lies in the naïve perception of the reality that exists merely in their conscience, and the comic side of it hides in the fact that this virtual life does not fit the real world. Hence, the life fundamentals are expressed through confusion and playfulness, comicality and absurdity. Their hearts are locked within each other, and life cannot do without a joke. The plastic tragicomedy "Slidoscope" is the dreams, the ability to survive and the relic of the complicated love story. Nobody takes off the masks - why should one do that?" Poema Theatre

Valentin Tszin is the artistic director of “Poema Theatre” – the theatre of the human body semiotics. He has worked with such renowned Russian theatre masters as Roman Viktyuk, Anton Adossinsky and Vyacheslav Polunin. Valentin has studied with many European masters inclduing Flavia Ghisalberti (Switzerland), Ken Maya (Finland) and others. During the short period of its existence “Poema Theatre” has produced more than 10 performances, which were presented at the Hermitage, the Red Triangle and Loft-Project “Etaji”. The company performed at the opening of the Open Cinema Film Festival and of the Open Look Dance Festival in St. Petersburg, and the Contemporary Dance Festival in Moscow in 2010. “Poema Theatre” is the winner of the young artists’ completion “Alternativa” in St. Petersburg, 2010.

Alissa Panchenko is a dancer, choreographer and modern dance teacher. From 1998 to 2004 Alissa studied contemporary dance at “Kannon Dance” school taking classes with Russian and international masters. Since 1999, she has been a member of the “Kannon Dance” company run by Natalia Kasparova. She has received a number of awards at the young choreographers’ competitions in Russia and Germany. From 2004 to 2005 she took part in the projects by Iguan Dance Theatre. Alissa graduated from St. Petersburg N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov conservatory.

"MOCT" (45 minutes, 2010, France)
dir. TK. Kim and Pat Marcel
chor. Valentin Tszin and Alissa Panchenko

Is love contagious? And how about madness? This is a moving story of a few words wherein two dancers are in the midst of an emotional ballet of life. They combine contemporary dance and Butoh to express truths and doubts about their relationship, movements of their hearts and calling of their spirits. How far will dance take them?

Director, producer, editor and avid supporter of DIY filmmaking, Pat Marcel has made numerous short films, music videos, film portraits and commercials for big screen and television. Together with his collaborator Swiss artist TK Kim he recently completed his first feature film "BANG".

TK. Kim is a Swiss photographer, videomaker, film director, screenwriter and interdisciplinary artist. She has created numerous award-winning short films and intermedia performances in collaboration with different choreographers and dancers. She is represented by Daniel Tanner Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland).


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