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Thursday, December 1, 19:00, ERARTA
Program 8: An evening with Béatrice Massin
With the support from the French Institute in St. Petersburg
Q&A with Béatrice Massin

Béatrice Massin is the most renowned baroque dance choreographer today. She has choreographed for movies and stage around the world. In 1993, Béatrice set up her own company called “Fêtes Galantes”, and in 2003 she founded the studio of baroque dance “L’Atelier Baroque". Béatrice Massin teaches baroque dance to professional dancers at dance schools and conservatories. She also trains baroque dance instructors who, in their turn, offer classes to a wide range of audiences – students, musicians, singers, and amateurs.

"The King is dancing" (115 minutes, 2000, France/Belgium)
dir. Gérard Corbiau
chor. Béatrice Massin


The film is based on Philippe Beaussant's biography of Jean-Baptiste Lully, "Lully or the Musician of the Sun" (1992) and is set in 17th century France. It tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Lully and his relationship with King Louis XIV of France. The rise of King Louis XIV and his growing influence in the court are shown through the elaborate dance routines.

Gérard Corbiau is Belgian. He is best known for his costume dramas about music, "Le maître de musique" (1987), "Farinelli" (1994) and "Le roi danse" (2000). Two of them ("Le maître de musique" and "Farinelli") were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

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