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Saturday, November 26, 19:00, Erarta

Program 2: Dance Film Premieres 2011

"Coup de Grâce" (26 minutes, 2011, Netherlands)
dir. Clara van Gool
chor. Jordi Cortés Molina and Damián Muñoz

After a long separation two men meet again in a massive building at a remote location. In the course of the evening and an icy night, they fight a weaponless, exhausting duel. "Coup de Grâce" is a film adaptation of the performance "Ölelés"/Embrace by Jordi Cortés Molina and Damián Muñoz, inspired by the novel Embers by Sándor Márai (1942).

Clara van Gool
graduated from the Dutch Film & Television Academy in 1985. From 1984 to 1994 she was an assistant director for several Dutch TV-dramas and feature films. She received many awards including the Inernational Emmy Award of Performing Arts for her film adaptation of the DV8 Physical Theatre's "Enter Achilles". Her films often border between traditional narratives and dance films wherein the story is expressed without a dialog but through movement, composition of the mis-en-scene and editing rhythm.

"Labyrinth Within" (29 minutes, 2011, Sweden/USA)
dir. and chor. Pontus Lidberg

On the surface, “Labyrinth Within” is a drama about love gone stale. But deep down, it is rather an existential thriller about the human longing to connect with another on a profound level – free from constraints of rules and conventions. The film stars the New York City Ballet principal dancer, Wendy Whelan, and the score is composed by the Pulitzer Prize awarded composer David Lang.

In 2002, Swedish choreographer and dancer Pontus Lidberg was described by the Swedish press as "one of our great choreographic talents". Since then he created 30 works for major international dance companies such as The Royal Danish Ballet, The Beijing Dance Theatre, The Vanemuise Ballet of Estonia, Vietnam National Ballet, Norwegian National Ballet and others. In the dance film world, he is known for the film "RAIN" (2007) which received many awards including "Outstanding Achievement in Choreography for Film” at the Dance Media Honors in Los Angeles. Pontus Lidberg was trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm, Sweden.

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