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Friday, December 2, 10.00, Dance House “Kannon Dance”
Workshop with Béatrice Massin and Company «Fêtes Galantes»

The workshop focuses on the fusion of baroque and contemporary dance forms…

Friday, December 2, 19.00, The Youth Theatre on Fontanka
Program 9: “KINODANCE” Closing Night

«OSMOSCOPE», a live performance at the foyer of the top floor (20 minutes, Russia)
performers: Valentin Tszin, Evgenia Chetvertakova, Christina Morozova, Alexander Andreev, Uliana Egorova
design: Vladimir Ermachenkov, Evgenia Chetvertakova
music: Andrey Bundin

“A dance joke for the cinema with an invisible orchestra. The semi-humans from “Poema Theatre” will share the story about the very best things hidden in the realm of play, and to be more specific – the story about naivety. It is all about the grotesque of the human existence between reality of the world and relativity of silent films depicted in the lyrical comics where everything is invented and constructed out of nothing”. – Poema Theatre

«LET MY JOY REMAIN», a live performance (45 minutes, France)
chor. Béatrice Massin

The performance is about the history of the different forms of baroque dance and their fusion with contemporary dance.

"If the dancer’s body was a musical instrument… If the company "Fete Galantes" was a choreographic orchestra… A red floor, sparkling, designed to become under the dancers’ feet a musical instrument, that reveals ‘glissades’, ‘tombes’, all kinds of ‘frottes’ specific to baroque dance. A vast complexity of choreographic architecture built from phrases that are easy to interpret, first together then in canons, fugues, questions, answers, subjects, counter-subjects…J.S. Bach’s music comes as a contrast or an extension of the climate installed by the dance. And dance comes as a compliment, an extension of music. There are moments when only sound from the dancers’ steps follows the movements. It allows the moment when the silent dance melts into the music to be appreciated." – Béatrice Massin


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