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April 15, Wednesday, 15:00, French Institute
Program FR01: French Dance Film Retrospective: Shorts

One Flat Thing Reproduced (26min, 2006, France)
Director: Thierry De Mey
Choreographer: William Forsythe

ONE FLAT THING REPRODUCED is an adaptation of the Forsythe’s stage performance. The theatrical disposition was studied especially for this shooting; two cameras (in high definition) are catching the action from different standpoints. The result is intense: esthetical beauty of shapes, intensity of the movements and closeness to the dancers. This new experience offers to the audience the possibility of receiving this creation in a completely different way, outside of a theatre.

Thierry De Mey, born in 1956, is a film director and composer. For the choreographers Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Wim Vandekeybus and his sister Michele Anne De Mey, Thierry continues to be an invaluable collaborator in the invention of "formal strategies" - to employ a term which holds great importance for him. The installations of Thierry De Mey, which include music, dance, videos and interactive processes, have been presented in exhibitions such as the Biennials of Venice, Lyon and in many museums. His work has been rewarded with many national and international prizes including the Bessie Awards, Eve du Spectacle, Composers Forum of UNESCO to name a few.

Born in 1949 in New York, William Forsythe is one of the most acclaimed choreographers of our time. During his ballet career with Joffrey Ballet and Stuttgart Ballet, Forsythe discovered Pina Bausch and Jiri Kylian and soon after in 1980 left Stuttgart Ballet to pursue an independent career making work that often intrigued and scandalized audiences (like “Gange” and “Say Bye-Bye” for the Netherlands Dans Theatre). In 1983, Rudolf Nureyev invited Forsythe to choreograph “France/Dance” for the Paris Opera Ballet that featured the young Sylvie Guillem. For over 20 years, he choreographed for Frankfurt Ballet while his works are danced by companies all over the world, including the Royal Swedish Ballet, the Royal Danish Ballet, Finnish National Ballet, Les Ballets de Monte Carlo, Ballet de l`Opera national de Lyon, Ballet du Rhin, Batsheva dance Company, Boston Ballet, Cullberg Ballet, the Australian National Ballet among others.

Skull* cult (24min, 2002, France)
dir. Christophe Bargues
chor. Christian Rizzo, perf. Rachid Ouramdane

After having set-up his own rock group and a clothing label, Christian Rizzo turned to sculptural arts and later discovered dance. A surveyor of the contemporary choreography scene and a performer for a number of choreographers, Rizzo developed a multi-faceted artistic approach which, at the end of the 1990s, culminated in the creation of portable architecture, costume-spaces, and other projects. Rizzo is currently an artist-in-residence at the Lille Opera.

The French-Algerian Rachid Ouramdane represents the new generation of French choreographers of conceptual dance. He was born in 1960 and danced with Herve Robbe, Odile Duboc, Christian Rizzo or Meg Stuart. Within last several years he began choreographing his solo performances that focus on memory and highlight the relation of the body to the new media.

Pavillion Noir (24min, 2006, France)
dir. Pierre Coulibeuf
chor. Anjelin Preljocaj

The film is Coulifeuf’s collaboration with Anjelin Preljocaj. It highlights the virtual relations between the choreography, the architecture, the urban space and the landscape.

Pierre Coulibeuf was born in Elbeuf (France) in 1949 and currently lives in Paris. He has completed doctoral studies in Modern Literature. In a cross-disciplinary relation to film genres (fiction, experimental...), as well as to modes of presenting the image in motion (35mm projection, installation, photography), his ‘simulacra-films’ invent a place or a language on the borderline of the other arts, critiquing established forms and questioning representations of reality. Since 1987, he has made short and feature-length films based on the universes of Pierre Klossowski, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Marina Abramovic, Michel Butor, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Jan Fabre, Meg Stuart... His works are part of main public collections: Centre Pompidou, NBK Berlin, Media Art Sammlung Goetz, Munich, GAM, Torino.

Anjelin Preljocaj, of Albanian origins, is a prominent choreographer in the international modern dance scene. He studied and worked mostly in France where he has won many prestigious prizes and in 1989 was appointed Chavalier de l'Ordre National des Arts et des Lettres. Ballet Preljocaj, his company, has existed in various incarnations since 1984 and it is based in Aix-en-Provence, in the south of France. It is now composed of 24 dancers and has a current repertoire of 6 pieces. Preljocaj’s recent projects include "Portraits in Corpore", "MC 14/22", "Helikopter", and "The Rite of Spring".

Uzes Quintet (26 min, 2003, France)
dir. Catherine Maximoff;
chor. Javier de Frutos, Emanuel Gat, Kitt Johnson, Peeping Tom, Nathalie Pernette et Andreas Schmid

Five choreographers, five worlds, singular body languages. A choreographic breakaway from the stage. A cinematic tale where each of the characters creates strange echoes with their environment.

Catherine Maximoff was born in 1971. She studied violin at the Lyon Conservatory and graduated from the University with a degree in English & Literature. She has written scripts for two short films Chrysalis (directed by Olivier Mégaton) and 99 duos (directed by Dominique Thiel). She also wrote & directed a short Daïté.

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