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April 18, Saturday, 19:00, Rodina, Small Hall
Program R13: POP Culture: Shorts, Musicals, Eros, and Music Videos

Flying Lesson (4 min, 2008, USA)
dir. Andrea Lerner and Rosanne Chamecki

Cinema makes dancers fly! Poignant and witty, precise and crafted, this charming duet is exploring Brooklyn one foot above the ground.

Andrea Lerner and Rosanne Chamecki are Brazilian-born choreographers who reside in New York.



Silence of the Machines (9min, 2007, France)
dir. Kostia Testut and Paul Caroli

The workers at “Fil de Soie, Inc.”? are in shock: the machines used for manufacturing women’s lingerie have disappeared, moved to a country where work costs nothing. The workers make up their minds: they must fight back!

Born in 1978, Paul Caroli graduated with a degree in film directing form La fémis (France) in 2006. Born in 1980, Kostia Testut graduated from the same school with a degree in writing. “The Silence of the Machines” is Paul’s and Kostia’s first collaboration.

Insyn (Insight) (15min, 2007, Denmark)
dir. Klara Elenius

"Insyn" is inspired by the Scandinavian mentality. Between naturalism and abstraction, at the boundary of dream and reality, the films sets up atmosphere of tension among three characters somewhere in the Danish suburb.

Klara Elinius is a Swedish choreographer and dancer. She lives in Copenhagen creating dances for stage and screen.

LILA (13min, 2008, France)
dir. Broadcast Club/ Nicolas Schmerkin

In Hinduism, Lila is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute. In Broadcast’s Club’s film, LILA is a masterfully choreographed journey through everyday life of humans – powerful and moving in its simplicity and its intensity.

Formed in 1984, the Broadcast Club is a group of French artists with a common passion to watch and make films.

Aprop (Closer) (6.5min, 2007, Spain)
dir. Aitor Echeverria
chor. Carolina Alejos

The most everyday gestures are weaved into an extraordinary dance – erotic, sensual, and powerful!

Born in 1977, for the last decade Aitor Echeverría has been working as a cinematographer. APROP is his debut as a director. Carolina Alejos is a choreographer from Argentina.

Boot Camp (6min, 1996, USA)
dir. John Scott Mathews
chor. Bill Fabris

An homage to early Hollywood musicals and the underground films of Kenneth Anger. There is romance inherent in the courtship of any two people - no matter who they are.

John Scott Matthews received his undergraduate training in theatre. His films have been broadcast throughout Europe and the USA. A generous career development grant was awarded to him from The Peter S. Reed Foundation in recognition of his work bringing music and dance to film.

Since 1987, Bill Fabris has been director and choreographer for the New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players. He enjoys a national reputation in the worlds of opera and musical theatre.

Shake-off (9min, 2006, Netherlands)
dir./chor. Hans Beenhakker

Dancing is ultimate ‘living in the present moment’, in which all becomes one. Dancing shrinks all remaining concerns to small proportions which can be shaken off like ballast. The film follows the exceptional dancer (Prince Credell) as he moves magically through different times and spaces. The athleticism and bold surprises lure the viewer into a dynamic world - which teeters between the impossible and the real.

After having a glorious dance career with many renown choreographers (including Pina Bausch), Hans Beenhakker did an extensive film study at the New York Film Academy. Since then, he started Cinedans festival in Amsterdam, created several award-winning shorts and has been extensively involved into choreographing for the screen (www.danshans.com).

Orgesticulanismus (9min, 2008, Belgium)
dir. Mathieu Labaye

This animated gem ruminates about movement in every human’s life. It’s a tribute to the filmmaker’s father, who had been in a wheelchair for the last 15 years of his life.

I think that, when moving, you take over your own life. When you're free to come and go, to have gestures of... love, tenderness, anger, no matter. So when you are deprived of the ability to move, as I am, as many others are... in order to survive you need to reinvent movement. What goes on in my mind is not just intellectual. It's a way of re-creating an inner space which sets me free – Benoît Labaye

Born in 1977, Mathieu Labaye received his degree in Comics and Illustration. Since October 2002, he works at Camera-etc (ex Caméra Enfants Admis), a Belgian animation workshop where children, teenagers and adults come to make their own animation short with the help of professionals.

Muto (6min, 2008, Italy) – winner of the Clermont-Ferrand Festival (“Labo” Competition)
dir. Blu

Dancing graffiti strokes painted on public walls in Baden and Buenos Aires.

Blu is an Italian graffiti artist, an animator and an illustrator. His film Muto won awards at 15 festivals (www.blublu.org)

Tout Morose (Very Cold) (5min, 1997, France)
dir. Olivier Megaton
chor. Dominique Hervieu

Yellow and blue pencils, matching notes in a notebook, a palette of animated words, a recipe for a few magnificent moments.

Olivier Megaton is a prominent French director. Among his films are The Red Siren, Trasnporter 3, Angie and many others.

Feist "1,2,3,4" (3min, 2007, USA)
dir. Patrick Daughters
chor. Noemie Lafrance

One continuous tracking shot is a space for a wonderfully choreographed music video to the world-renown song “1,2,3,4” by the artist Feist. The video was nominated for a Grammy award before becoming an internet phenomenon and an ad for Apple.

Patrick Daughters is a music video and commercial director who directed numerous music videos for Feist, Beck, Interpol, The Shins, and many others.

Canadian-born choreographer, Noemie LaFrance is notorious for her large scale site-specific work. She is the founder and artistic director of Sens, a New York-based non-profit experimental arts organization. Noemie received 2 Bessie Awards for her choreographies. She was part of the prestigious Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial among many other engagements (www.sensproduction.org).

Heartbeat (15min, 2004, Sweden)
dir. Martin Lima de Faria and Anette Skahlberg

A classic musical - filled with great singing and intricate dances. A political piece that comments on Swedish immigration policies in a poignant and subtle way. The film received a Cannes International Showcase Kodak Award 2005.

This married couple Martin Lima de Faria and Anette Skahlberg founded their company Stop Film in 1998 and since then completed many prize-winning shorts and one feature.

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