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April 16, Thursday, 19:00, Rodina, Main Hall
Program R09: Dance Choreographer - Film Director in Focus : New works from Jirí Kylián and Wim Vandekeybus

“Car-Men” (28min, 2007, Netherlands)
dir. Boris Paval Conen and Jirí Kylián
chor: Jirí Kylián

“Car Men” is a collaboration between theworld famous choreographer Jíri Kylían and filmmaker Boris Paval Conen. Based on the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet they shot a hilarious and poetic short film in the destroyed landscape of a Czech brown coal mine.

Born in Prague in 1947, Jiri Kylián is the choreographer and former artistic director of the Nederlands Dans Theater, one of the most innovative dance companies of Europe. In the course of his career, Kylián has received many international awards, including Officer of the Royal Dutch Order of Oranje-Nassau – Netherlands, Honorary Doctorate- Juilliard School New York, three Nijinsky Awards – Monte Carlo (Best choreographer, company and work), Benoit de la Danse – Moscow and Berlin, Honorary Medal of the President of the Czech Republic, Commander of the Legion d’honneur – France, and many others. His creations are danced by more than 80 companies and schools worldwide.

Boris Paval Conen was born in 1968 and graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 1993. He was awarded the Tuschinski Award for his final exam film Horror Vacuï, and is currently active as a screenwriter and director of narrative films and television dramas. In 2002, Conen was awarded a Golden Calf for his direction of the television drama series De Negen Dagen van de Gier.

“Here After” (65min, 2007, Belgium)
dir. /chor. Wim Vandekeybus

“Here After” is a cinematographic adaptation of the dance/theatre performance Puur .This middle length experimental film is a mixture of fiction and dance, however with a stronger emphasis on the fictional element than in any of Vandekeybus’ former films. Through flashbacks, Here After tells the story of an isolated community in which a power-mad tyrant commands an infanticide. In the danced scenes we see how the characters relive their memories in the here-after; as if their emotions and traumas were captured in the memory of their bodies. The film shows terror and its destroying effect on a community and questions existential themes such as life/death, culpability/penance, identity/memory, regret/negation and power/freedom.

Wim Vandekeybus is a maverick director, choreographer, actor, photographer and a founder of Ultima Vez company. After having discovered the medium of film during the registration of his first performances, the acclaimed choreographer Wim Vandekeybus directed his first short film “Elba and Federico” in 1993. This film became the basis for the production “Her Body doesn’t fit her soul.” From this moment onwards film became a constant value in Wim’s work; an extra outlet for his wild imagination, an important and essential element in his performances.

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