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April 12, Sunday, 16.00, Rodina, Main Hall
Programs R06: French Dance Film Retrospective: "A MAN WHO DANCES"

"Kaspar Konzert" (25min, 2001, France)
dir.: Sylvie Blum and François Verret
chor.: François Verret

Two actors and a musician express Kaspar Hauser's wildest movements when he meets human society. Inside metal machinery, the body tenses, weaves its web, leaps and falls. The camera captures Mathurin Bolze's fantastic acrobatics.

A spotlighted acrobat suspended in mid-air, or a puppet flopped on the ground, a spider man, a monkey man, the manipulated body moves faster and faster...

"A man who dances" (59 minutes, 2004, France)
dir: Rosita Boisseau and Valérie Urréa
choreographers featured:
C. Bourigault, D. Chamblas, A. Preljocaj, M. Tompkins, A. Buffard, F. Ruckert, K. Belarbi, J. Nadj, F. Verret, P. Decouflé

“A man who dances” investigates the construction of gender and the transgression and transmutation of traditional gender roles. Ten French male choreographers and dancers reflect on the myths and stereotypes surrounding masculinity, and offer their own perspectives on being a man... and a man who dances.

Valérie Urréa has directed many films about dance and has worked with numerous choreographers, among whom Mathilde Monnier, Hervé Robbe, Mark Tompkins and the Käfig Company. Her films have been awarded several prizes and regularly feature in international festivals. She is currently working on theatre, adopting a sensitive approach to the works of Dominique Pitoiset and of Jean-Luc Lagarce. She has also been developing several research projects on choreographic audiovisual expression for two years, in partnership with the Centre National de la Danse in Paris.

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