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April 12, Sunday, 17.30, Rodina, Main Hall
Programs R07: French Dance Film Retrospective: Josef Nadj

Joseph Nadj, the last paysage (51 minutes, 2006, France)
dir: Josef Nadj

A moving self-portrait – a dialogue of the artist with his art form, with his past and with his present.

Paso doble (41 minutes, 2006, France)
dir: Agusti Torres
chor.: Josef Nadj and Miquel Barceló

“Paso Doble” is the dance inspired by the Spanish bullfight (a dance to the death). A living sculpture. Emerging from a giant wall of wet red clay onto a stage made of ten tons of the same, two black-suited protagonists chop, slap, shape and reshape the heavy material. They use outsize tools and the impact of their own bodies to form amazing shapes and structures. This extraordinary collaboration between a dancer-choreographer and visual artist explores the act of artistic creation itself, offering a revealing glimpse into the obsessions, anxieties and excitement experienced by artists in the process of making unconventional new work . Underscored by Alain Mahé’s live soundscape the two bodies gradually disappear as if absorbed into their canvas, themselves a part of the endless work-in-progress.

For more than two decades Josef Nadj conjures absurd worlds onto the stages of Europe. Noticeably aligned to his country, the former Yugoslavia, and having lived in the dance country France for a long time, he creates scenic marvels as wanderer between cultures, which are, in all silence and melancholy, of strong identity and full of visions about our personhood.

Miquel Barceló is a Catalan visual artist, an acclaimed painter, sculptor and ceramist who has represented his country at the Venice Biennale. Originally inspired by Jackson Pollock, his work is visceral and physical; an active engagement with the materials he chooses to work with. Clay has been a material of choice in much of his work, which has included the creation of a ceramic covering of the roof of the Catedral de Palma de Majorca. Previous to performing in Paso Doble he has never been on stage, but believes that painting can be pretty theatrical.

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